Our Technology
Modern technology is at the heart of almost everything we do. The use of the best and most relevant equipment and software is essential to us. We aim to be fully up to speed with industry trends and product development. We upgrade our hardware and software on a regular basis to maximise efficiency and to maintain our ability to provide whatever services our clients require.

Specialist software employed:
      · Earthworks
      · CADMeasure
      · BIMMeasure
      · WorkWinner

EarthworksEarth Works
From the American company Trakware, we use Earthworks mainly for cut and fill calculations, ground remodelling and Site Preparation bills of quantities. The software uses PDF, TIFF and DWG files to produce extremely accurate quantities.
The programme allows us to produce 3D views showing existing levels, proposed levels, formation levels and over excavation levels. In addition we can quickly and accurately assess changes in levels, construction thicknesses and topsoil thicknesses. We often work with contractors to determine the optimum levels to minimise disposal off site.


CADMeasure is a valuable tool of basic measurement, we use it for both initial measurement and subsequent technical checking. This application generates marked up drawings showing a history of the measurement process and gives estimators a better understanding of what has been measured where. Whilst we still use scale-rules and traditional calculations where appropriate. Programmes such as CADMeasure have certainly speeded up the general measuring process.

BIMMeasure is an add on to CADMeasure. It allows us to import IFC files and to take-off quantities at the click of a mouse. This produces quantities very quickly. We recognise however that BIM as a measurement tool remains in its infancy and always carry out basic ‘traditional’ tests of quantities to ensure that the BIM model has been produced correctly.

WorkWinner has been created by a midland based company called Metre Squared (m2).
The creator of the software is well known to senior members of the staff, some of which have helped with its design. We have used WorkWinner since 2012 and have noticed a significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of our production.
The software allows us to create files with numerous print template and file formats:
      · Excel
      · CITE (EBQ)
      · PDF
for easy importing into estimators software such as Causeway and Conquest.