GDPR Policy Statement

Glade Associates Quantity Surveying Ltd store business email addresses and business phone numbers.

This is solely used for communication between us and the client to enable us to discuss jobs, queries and send over the final bills and documents and are never used for marketing or passed onto any third party.

All computers and phones which have access to our systems are individually PIN/password protected and will go into a sleep mode with a blank screen if not used, with the need for the password to be submitted again to enable access. These passwords are changed on a regular basis.

All computers are firewall virus protected.

All information on our computer is backed up onto a server which is managed by Lucid Computer Solutions Ltd ( a policy statement from Lucid Computer Solutions Ltd is available on request).

No member of Glade Associates Quantity Surveying Ltd has the authority to view, store, print or modify files outside of providing Glade Associates Quantity Surveying services. This is documented in our data policy which each employee has agreed to and signed as part of their employment at Glade Associates Quantity Surveying Ltd.

We can remove data from our systems at the request of the individual as long as it doesn’t contravene any HMRC related law on data retention for accountancy/audit purposes.

When a mobile phone, computer or laptop owned by Glade Associates reaches the end of its life, we securely erase them to factory settings. If the device has a removable hard drive, it is removed and destroyed beyond mechanical use. Devices are destroyed and disposed of safely.

All our employees have a customer confidentiality clause in their terms of employment.

All our employees have agreed to our internal security policy.

All our employees have reference checks carried out prior to them taking up employment with us.

Our employees are reminded of their responsibilities around security of computer systems, as part of our regular staff meetings.

Upon termination of employment with Glade Associates Quantity Surveying Ltd, access to our computer systems is immediately revoked.

Our business premises are physically locked with multiple locking systems and an alarm is set on exit.

If a breech is identified as being reportable, Mrs. Claire Colemeadow is responsible for informing and documenting the affected client(s) and informing the ICO within 72 hours as required.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or queries.